YouTube Advertising - Is it Worth the Investment?

YouTube Advertising - Is it Worth the Investment?

YouTube or video advertising in general is, in our opinion, one of the most undervalued advertising channels in New Zealand today. The cost of attention on YouTube is often around $0.10 per view and for $100/month, the brand awareness you can get is ridiculous (Approx. 1,000 views).This is a strong channel for presenting a full media experience (visual & sound) to your market. It combines with all the targeting options available for Display, giving greater control and the fact that it’s online allows much greater transparency than current TV TARPs figures. Fun Fact : YouTube is the third most visited site in New Zealand after and


  • Super cheap! You pay by something called Cost Per View (CPV). A view is defined as someone watching 30 seconds or more of your ad.
  • Underutilised by the majority of New Zealand companies right now, get ahead of the competition
  • Amazing brand awareness tool – YouTube is the third most visited site in New Zealand after Google. and
  • If you do TV, you may already have some assets that can be repurposed for this channel
  • Strong targeting options - You can choose which videos and channels you want your ads to appear on (placement targeting)


  • Some sort of video asset needs to be created to promote on this channel.
  • Usually not a strong channel for direct lead generation.

Tips from the team

"Get on here. Just do it. Why are you not on here yet." - Kim

"If you’re thinking about shooting or reusing video, get a few different options together, 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec - Different core messages, etc." – Jody Lane

"Follow best practice for YouTube. Split your ad groups into different targeting options so you know what’s working and what isn’t." – Ben Goh

"Core message should be in the first 10 seconds, or do something to catch people’s attention so they don’t just skip the ad." – James Gunson

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