Video Advertising On YouTube & Facebook

Video Advertising On YouTube & Facebook

Should you be using video as apart of your marketing strategy? We share our results from our last campaign.


Hey guys, today I just wanted to make you a really short video about using videos as a medium.

I want to tell you that although the cost of producing a video might be slightly higher than writing a blog or just writing up a search ad, the cost of distribution right now and the conversion rate and the cost per conversion that you get from it, way cheaper.

Particularly on the two biggest channels, Facebook and especially YouTube.

We ran an awareness campaign recently and I was blown away by the results.

I did a short little intro video that was much like this in much the same setup and it did so much better than all my other ads. Anyway, enough of me talking, I want to show you.

What I wanted to show you was a couple of things.

The first thing was the results after a couple of weeks into the awareness campaign.

And this is the Google Ads campaign, so we had search running, had display, remarketing, and YouTube, two weeks in and this is what we saw before we kind of switched all the other campaigns off and just focused on YouTube.

YouTube had spent $458, sure, but 218 clicks through the video channel, and I was like wait a minute, what’s going on, $2.11, that’s alright, I mean, compared to search it’s $6 per click and 14 downloads of the eBook at $32 each.

Now, to really understand why I think this is insane is because if you see an ad on YouTube, the kind of ads that we were running,

I’ve got a little shot of it up here, the link to go through to a page is this little thing down here, this little link that goes to the website.

So, for someone to be watching this that is interrupting what they are currently wanting to see on YouTube, go through to my site, actually sign up to download an eBook, that blew my mind.

And so, we kept YouTube running for the entire campaign, and so the other channel that I want to show you is Facebook, Facebook Video.

So, we ran an Intro eBook Vid and this is the same timeframe in the same couple of weeks and this was incredible, after two weeks, 42 downloads. 42 downloads from that video, the Intro eBook Vid there at $4 a download.

And right now I’m blown away because on Facebook, I’ve also got a couple of other videos that show search and display tips and those videos didn’t work as well and I’ll get into that in a little bit, but we also had just straight up eBook call to action display ads and it just didn’t seem to resonate.

The ad was still served 1300 times for this eBook CTA, two people signed up.

So, 774 times the ad was served for this eBook CTA #2, one person signed up, over 1000 for eBooks call to action #4, one person signed up.

And true, the creative might not have been as good, but I mean, this one up here, 42 downloads at a cost of four dollars each, we just kind of switched the other ads off and went with that one.

Now, other videos didn’t work as well when we tried them later on, you can’t see them here because this is the timeframe for the start of the campaign and I think that is because I was trying to do two things in those videos.

I was trying to give advice and then ask for a tip when I think in the 30 seconds that you’ve got. Really you’ve got to just ask for one thing.

You’ve got to present why you’re there, what you want people to do, and if they like it they will download, and I think that’s why the intro video worked, but I’m going to test it a lot more. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.

Final bit of advice – try out video! But if you don't know where to start, have a look at our Google Ads services.

Kim Voon

Kim Voon


With over 15 years of experience in search and online marketing, Kim is the Founder of Insight Online. Kim started Insight as he saw an opportunity to build an agency that focuses on business results and strong working relationships with clients.

As the face of the business, Kim will likely be your first point of contact, chatting with you about your work and what you’d like to get done. The best part of his job is meeting new people, getting to know their businesses, and making a tangible, measurable difference for them.

In his spare time, Kim loves playing disc golf, strumming a little guitar and is an avid bookworm.

His favourite charities are Zeal which supports youth in their development over a number of years and Lifewise, an organisation focussed on getting homeless into homes.