Google Display Strategy | Advice, Hints & Tips

Google Display Strategy | Advice, Hints & Tips

Get the latest on how we think about and use Google Display. What are the strengths and weaknesses? Any advice on strategy? These are our own thoughts after using the channel for a decade or so. It is also (handily) an excerpt from our eBook. I don't want you to download something you're never going to read. So if you like what we're saying and you want a little more help on the other Google Ads channels, download the whole thing!

Google Ads | Display


Google Display is Google’s banner advertising service. Banners have been around since the start of the internet and they are still going strong. Display is mostly an awareness and engagement channel and it helps by building your brand touch points up, even if they don’t click on your banner. Display can be amazing if you’re also promoting something that will help your audience. A piece of content that you know they’d be interested in or a guide that’s entertaining or helpful (hint hint).In some special situations, we’ve seen it hugely successful in generating leads but we must admit, it's quite rare. If you’ve even been to a website and seen a banner, video or ad and it also says “Ads by Google” in the top right. You are browsing a site that is a part of Google’s Display Network.


  • Targeting options galore including but not limited to: age, gender, in-market, topic targeting, remarketing lists, Gmail addresses, keywords, even choosing specific websites you want to appear on.
  • If people don't click on your ad, you don't pay but they see your ad regardless. There are a tonne more impression running Display campaigns across the Google Display Network (GDN)
  • There's a decent amount of editorial control and you’ll have the option to target people with banner creative, search display ads or sponsored email content
  • On average, huge reach across the GDN, millions of views of your ads each month compared to tens of thousands for Search


  • Be wary of banner blindness! Unlike search, display ads don’t target people that are actively looking for you, instead you’ll be interrupting their online time - So it's important to understand that and think about how you can stand out without being annoying.
  • Generic ads WILL net terrible results - especially if you’re doing the hard sell.
  • It's hard to tie brand awareness and impressions back to business value
  • Less control over responsive ad types - Responsive ads are a favoured ad format where you supply copy and imagery but Google will generate the ads
  • Ad blocking technology is becoming more prevalent which may result in lower ad inventory in the future

How can you make this channel work for you?

  • Display can work for conversions if you are relevant, interesting and presenting your audience with a strong offer - James Gunson
  • From our own experience, we’ve seen that Display can get 1-2% click through rates if you are pushing out content. You can then make this pay off with retargeting or getting signups to your blog or email list - Ben Goh
  • In-market targeting is surprisingly good. In-market audiences are audiences defined as being in the market for your products and services. If you can find a niche that is relevant to yours, start with an in-market audience - James Gunson
  • Check through all the websites that you're appearing on regularly to make sure they are relevant and aligned with your brand - Ben Goh

What do you need to get started?

  • Marketing Funnel: Awareness
  • Assets/Setup needed: Adwords account, Credit Card, Ad Creative
  • Minimum Budget: $500/month

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