Adapting to Change at the Beginning of the Search and Chat Era

Adapting to Change at the Beginning of the Search and Chat Era

A large part of my work right now is preparing for the upcoming changes to search because of AI and Chat. We're doing a lot of research, discussing our agency position and our services. We're asking ourselves questions about what will we need to change and how can we help our clients adapt too.

So based on that, I wanted to highlight three things that we're seeing make an impact on marketing right now. And the best things to do so that you can take full advantage of these changes.

This is skimming the surface, so if you are seeing something else, feel free to comment! My brain can barely hold it all in one place, I'll need help piecing it together!

Conversational AI Meeting Search Technology

With the catalyst of Chat GPT being released, Google & Bing have been rapidly integrating Chat into Search. Bing's already released their version and Google will be reimagining the search experience soon. We're not going to be using search the same way. There will be an expansion of use cases as the AI learns more about you and the questions you ask get more nuanced.

I've written previously on the differences between Chat usage and Search usage. And, as a result, we need to start figuring out the relevant questions and conversations that potential clients will be having with Chat about us.

Our first move must be to review our own customer research. And if that's not possible, to pick up the phone and start talking to our customers and our target market. What are the questions, the discussions they would likely be having.

We don't want more content for the sake of it, we want to increase the utility of that content to our market.

Secondly, how we propagate that information will matter. The way that we digest content has changed. If you're only blogging (like me), we're only reaching a fraction of the potential audience. We need to start looking at how we can integrate video, voice and imagery to build a richer experience.

Fragmentation of Attention from Search into Other Apps

Search engines are facing competition from other platforms (TikTok, Amazon, Instagram). They're offering their own search or aggregating information from different sources and users. These platforms are attracting users with their convenience, variety, and engagement features.

The competition from other platforms will create more choices for us to reach our customers. But also more complexity in managing these new channels and budgets.

Some diversification of your channels and budgets will be  necessary. But we can't just split ourselves in half, we're already busy. How do we ensure our investment into new channels will be rewarded? Or at least have a better chance of being rewarded?

Again, we're seeing the need for customer research.

We need to find the places where our target market goes for information and be there, rather than trying to cover every base.

As a digital marketing, I find my team is seeking more information around  our target audience. And then tailoring our marketing strategy accordingly.

Keep Ahead of Regulation by Staying Transparent & Building Trust

Regulation is coming in to make search engines more transparent and ethical, giving users more control over their data and privacy. As usage grows due to the integration of Chat, these businesses will continue to face increasing scrutiny.

Building trust and loyaty among their users will be paramount as pressure builds from government. This will flow on to businesses to be more ethical and transparent with their customers.

Building relationships with your customers has always been a good business decision. Now we have more reason to build these relationships as we collect, use, and protect their data and privacy.

We need to establish ourselves as a credible source of information and a trusted partner for our customers. This is important not only in the "real" world but will be a critial factor when AI and search engines are reviewing your site.

Next Steps

The common theme we're seeing is that, as much as things are changing, a foundational element that will keep us grounded is a deep understanding of our target market. What information they want, the platforms they use and how they like to consume their content.

This will provide a map for your orgnisation to navigate the sea of changes that are coming down the line.

I hope you've found that helpful. Whether you're going to be on TikTok or email, your website or through a chatbot, a deep understanding of your customers will result in appropriate strategic decisions in your marketing.

If you're feeling a bit lost out there, reach out for a coffee anytime!

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Until next time


Kim Voon

Kim Voon


With over 15 years of experience in search and online marketing, Kim is the Founder of Insight Online. Kim started Insight as he saw an opportunity to build an agency that focuses on business results and strong working relationships with clients.

As the face of the business, Kim will likely be your first point of contact, chatting with you about your work and what you’d like to get done. The best part of his job is meeting new people, getting to know their businesses, and making a tangible, measurable difference for them.

In his spare time, Kim loves playing disc golf, strumming a little guitar and is an avid bookworm.

His favourite charities are Zeal which supports youth in their development over a number of years and Lifewise, an organisation focussed on getting homeless into homes.