iOS 14.5 has Launched to Protect Our Privacy! But... is it?

iOS 14.5 has Launched to Protect Our Privacy! But... is it?

Right now, everyone (in digital) is talking about the launch of iOS 14.5 and the ensuing privacy protections. Facebook is annoyed - So what's really going on? Is Apple defending our privacy? How does this impact us day to day?

In the latest version of iOS, Apple will ask up front about whether or not the apps you're downloading will be allowed to track you across other apps and websites. Apple says that it's giving users choice about their privacy and data but Apple will still track you on the app store and has recently increased the number of ad spots in that store.

Its been discussed on how Google will also block other advertisers from Chrome and it also touts privacy as its main driver. However, if you're using Google, you're being tracked by Google - it's simply stopping others advertising as well.

So what's going on?

As consumers have had enough of the aggressive data harvesting strategies of companies like Facebook and countries have implemented new privacy legislation, we're seeing companies that have enough first party data e.g. Apple & Google, "jump on board" and block these third party advertisers proactively.

At the same time, Apple & Google can double down and increase revenue in the wake of these other advertisers being curtailed because they have enough users of their own platforms (Apple App Store and Google). Their definition of privacy doesn't extend to the data they get when we use their platforms.

How does this impact you?

Some types of advertising will start struggling as data sharing gets blocked. Think remarketing, retargeting, lookalike types of advertising. This is because the data won't be shared across websites to make the advertising effective. Facebook makes BILLIONS from this type of advertising. If you rely on this advertising heavily, it's a good time to have a conversation with us or your agency about it.

My thoughts:

People know they're giving up something when they sign up for a service and it's "free". But we're not aware of the price we're paying. I'm glad we're looking hard at privacy and data protection. But I don't believe that Apple and Google are limiting data sharing for our benefit. They see what's coming and they need to get ahead of the curve. I'm curious to see what will happen with our data in future and there are several solutions being discussed.


Kim Voon

Kim Voon


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