Google Analytics Marketing Manager's Guide

Insight Online's Marketing Managers Guide to Google Analytics will help you learn Analytics and make data-driven decisions. Download your free guide today!

Inside The FREE Guide You'll Learn:

  • The 4 Step Framework for getting the most out of your Google Analytics
  • How to align your Google Analytics tracking to your marketing & business goals
  • The kinds of things Analytics can tell you, and the things it can't
  • Our best practice setup checklist  

Plus - how to use Google Analytics to answer the following questions:

  • How are people finding our website?
  • Which channels are the most effective at generating leads & sales? 
  • Who are our website visitors - are my customer personas correct?  
  • Which other websites are sending traffic to our website?
  • How did a recent campaign perform compared to earlier ones?
  • What are people searching for on my website?

...and more!

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Google Analytics Marketing Manager's Guide

Download Your Free Guide Today!

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