World Solar

World Solar teamed up with Leading Edge & Insight Online to help drive their mission forward of providing great service & helping the environment. Read more.


Google Ads

World Solar are solar power specialists with over 20 years of solar PV experience. They've teamed up with Leading Edge and Insight Online to help drive their mission forward of saving Kiwis money, providing great service and helping the environment. 


  • To bring the cost per lead of over $100 down to $25
  • Drive business leads in all regions


Our approach was to build region by region campaigns based around core keywords with specific landing pages. During recent power cuts, Leading Edge also had the brilliant idea of running a Display campaign highlighting the fact that people were fed up with power cuts.

Display campaigns rarely drive a lot of leads, this channel is generally used for branding and awareness. However, it is proving to be one of the most successful Display campaigns by conversion we've ever seen.


  • Google Ads campaigns are delivering over 150 leads a month at an average cost per lead of $22.87
  • Display campaign driving leads at $5.87 per lead (I know, crazy)

"David and Insight Online were recommended to us by our last agency and they've consistently worked side by side with my team to keep improving the website. The great results show what a combination of an in-house marketing team partnered with a specialist agency can achieve."

Samantha Milner
Content Marketing Specialist, Leading Edge