Rishworth Aviation

Rishworth needed an agency to manage their Google Ads including a combination of Search and Remarketing campaigns across a worldwide target market. Read more.

Rishworth Aviation

Google Ads

Since 1985, Rishworth Aviation has earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading aviation recruitment specialists. Based in Epsom in Auckland, Rishworth Aviation has worked with more than 100 clients in over 40 countries, including most of the major airlines.


  • Grow the quality of visitors to the website and as a result, numbers of new registrations and job applications
  • Help Rishworth manage the successful Analytics and SEO migration of a worldwide website


The previous Adwords account needed optimisation in terms of structure and efficiency. Rishworth were paying too much for visits to their website and not getting as many visits as they could for the money they were spending. Since we started working with them we’ve been focused on getting more visitors to their website and reducing the cost per visitor.

Jonathan McWatt was particularly impressed with the profile of the new visitors to their website: "What Insight did really well was filter out the window shoppers and reach pilots who were seriously considering new roles. Rishworth has a global focus so if for example, they were running a roadshow in Europe for Norwegian Airlines, Insight Online helped them put together online ad campaigns to support their efforts on the ground."

Rishworth is also currently upgrading their website and Insight Online is responsible for the SEO site migration, SEO developer advice pre-launch and a complete Google Analytics setup using Google Tag Manager. To the level where Rishworth will be able to monitor logins and separate returning users from their new users.


In June 2017, Rishworth Aviation saw a 53% increase in website visits and a 41% increase in job applications compared to June 2016.

“My KPI is how many online applications we get for the jobs we advertise,” says Jonathan. “But almost as important is how many new registrations we get. The more pilots who visit our website and sign up to be part of our database, the bigger our network and the bigger our reach which is vital to us as a company.”

“Insight Online is really proactive when it comes to trialling and testing new ideas. They’re also really upfront about letting you know if something isn't working and trying something else. I’ve been really impressed with how nimble they are and how quick they are to respond.”

“Actions speak louder than words. Insight Online are a terrific SEM agency. They are approachable, they are great at following up and following through. I’m very results-driven and I make decisions based on data. I’m not impressed by big sales pitches if they’re not backed up by results. Insight Online deliver.”

Jonathan Mcwatt
Marketing Manager, Rishworth Aviation