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Causes of Google Ads Performance Drop | Insight Online

Did Your Google Ads Have A Sudden Drop In Performance?

If your account was performing swimmingly one day and plummeted the next, we might be able to help. Find out how we diagnose issues with our own accounts!

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Effectivness Vs Efficiency With Google Ads | Insight Online

Effectiveness Vs Efficiency With Google Ads

What is the difference between effectiveness vs efficiency when it comes to Google Ads? In this video, Kim talks you through what these mean depending on your objectives.

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Digital Marketing Tip 1 | Google Search Ads | Insight Online

Digital Marketing Tip #1 | Google Search Ads

Trying to wrap your head around Google Search Ads? Here's a quick tip from Kim on how to manage them and use it successfully.

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Search Ads Product Launch | Story Time Ep3 | Insight Online

Should I Use Search Ads To Launch A New Product?

Here's episode 3 of the Story Time series with Kim! Kim talks about whether search ads should be part of your digital strategy when launching a new product.

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What Is Google Ads? | Insight Online

What Is Google Ads? How To Explain The Platform

Quite often, we get asked by marketing managers to help them explain Google Ads to people that aren’t familiar with the digital space. Read through the different aspects of explaining this topic.

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What Are Google Search Ads? | Insight Online

What Are Google Search Ads? Strengths & Weaknesses

There are over 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google each day, making Google Search Ads a powerful advertising tool for your business.

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Digital Marketing Google Ads Remarketing | Insight Online

Digital Marketing Tip #3 | Google Ads Re-Marketing

Are you advertising in a really competitive niche market? Here's Kim's Tip on how Google Ads re-marketing can be useful for you.

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Number 1 Ad Position In Google Ads | Insight Online

Why The # 1 Ad Position Isn't Always The Best

"We aren't showing at number 1" This is a common statement we hear and if you're running Google Ads for your company, it's likely you'll hear this too at some point - We want you to have a good response.

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