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Did Your Google Ads Have A Sudden Drop In Performance?

Bad things happen occasionally. Sometimes it happens to our Ad accounts. If your account was performing swimmingly one day and plummeted the next, we might be able to help. Find out how we diagnose issues with our own accounts!

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Digital Marketing Tip #1 | Google Search Ads

Trying to wrap your head around Google Search Ads? Here's a quick tip from Kim on how to manage them and use it successfully.

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What Are Google Search Ads?

There are over 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google each day, making Google Search Ads a powerful advertising tool for your business.

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Digital Marketing Tip #3 | Google Ads Re-Marketing

Are you advertising in a really competitive niche market? Here's Kim's Tip on how Google Ads re-marketing can be useful for you.

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Why The # 1 Ad Position Isn't The Best

"I did a couple of searches on the weekend and we aren't showing at number 1, I'm really disappointed by this as we're spending thousands of dollars..."This is a common question that we get asked and if you're running Google Ads for your company, it's likely you'll get asked this too at some point - We want you to have a good response.

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